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401k Plan Fund Selection | allocation Strategy

Our Goal is to save your gain on 401k Plan investment & Capital in uncertain stock market & make more money for retirements Thousand of people invest in 401k Plan for retirement but how many people take care of their fund ? Very few !!! Because they don't know what to do ? and when to change fund ?

We show you the way. When the market rises to the top, near the drop-off point, you need to change your fund selection from high risk to low risk or stable fund, that way you selling your stock at high price and you not loose any money when stock market comes down & when stock market comes down , near to bottom you need to change your fund from low risk or stable to high risk fund that way you buying stocks at low price and you can make big money.

If you change 401k fund investment | allocation as per market trend you not lose any money from your 401k or any other retirement plan and you see how your money is growing. We are providing long term investment strategy and fund selection | allocation in our premium services. For 401k or other stock market related retirement plan we send Email alerts to change your fund in an appropriate fund related to stock market trend | direction. For more detail check our 401k retirement guide You can consider this web site as a guide line to buy Or sell any stock or option at your own decision, because in the stock market nobody gives you guaranty.

There is good chance to make big money but at the same time you can lose your money. So before making any trade understand your risk.

Here you can find best planning for your 401k / Retirement Saving plan that suit your age and you can make big money.

MODEL-1 ( Age group between 20 to 40 year )

In this model you have to invest all money in high risk !!!! Why so?

High risk high return !!!  Your duty will start after 40 year. In this model you get 18/27 year to come out from high risk fund.  18 year for early retirement and 27 year for regular retirement.
401k, 401(k),401k Plan
After 40 year you need to watch stock market and when stock market reasonably goes up  take off all money  from high risk and follow that age group model. In this model if you miss to take off money from high risk there is 100% chance to loose whatever you gain and we never knows you will get another chance to come out with big money or not !!! Here you got option if you don't want to loose chance to come out from high risk fund, in market many services are available they guide you by taking little money.

In this model you are investing in high risk fund in any situation of stock market ( too high or low). Normally when stock market are too high it not advisable to invest in high risk fund.


Model-2  ( Age group between 40 to 50 year )

For this age group it is favorable to invest

    1)  30 % in high risk fund

    2)  40% in moderate risk fund

    3) 30%  in low risk fund

After you reach at 50 year start to watch stock market If you sees  market are reasonably up take off all high risk money and moderate risk money and follow your age group model. If you don' want to take more risk near retirement don't select high risk fund and that 30% keep in stable fund ( same as cash type fund).

Model-3  ( Age group above 50 year )

Now this the important period to save your retirement plane money. Start to watch stock market If you sees  market are reasonably up take off all high risk money and also 50 % from  moderate risk fund and place in lowest risk fund or stable fund ( same as cash type fund). Here still you got 50 % money in stock market. You need to plan that way so near age 60 your 30% money stay in stock market and that divide only in moderate and low risk fund only and before 3year retirement don't  leave any money in moderate fund also. if you like keep 15% to 20% money in low risk fund only. Because near retirement if you keep more money in high risk or moderate risk fund and stock market are in negative trend your gain transfer in loss.

Model-4  for All Age group

If you really want  reach retirement you need our membership. In our membership we provide you time to time information about stock market . Near to major trend change we send you Email alerts to change your fund. We continuously watching economical events, major news that effects future economical growth, Stock market trend after doing many technical analysis we suggesting you to transfer your fund from low risk fund to high risk fund or high risk fund to low risk fund.

In our premium 401K plan you going to transfer your all money in high risk fund when stock market are near bottom or bottom out, and you going to transfer your all high risk money in lowest risk or stable fund near top or near down trend start. After receiving our Email alert  you need to react  That way you are buying your fund stock at lowest price and selling at high price and saving your profit by transferring your money in lowest risk/stable  fund

If you don't know which fund are high risk, moderate risk and low risk, just send us your fund list and we send you that information.

All the 401K Plan they allow you to transfer your fund once in a day.

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