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Daily stock market support | resistance | trend forecast - Opening Bell

Employment Situation - Day trading alert
Patel (9/4/2009 3:09:08 AM)

Today day trader need to watch Employment Situation, 1993 our nearest resistance and major strong resistance zone 2030 – 2050 and for down side watch 1971 Nasdaq moving with weakness in

rate of change (ROC) and relative strength index (RSI) for short term.

Below 1971 day trader can enter short with target 1954 / 1932 with 5 point stop loss, and above 1993 day trader can enter long with target 2028 / 2036

Above 2036 our next strong resistance is 2050. Using this support and resistance forecast, plan your day trading or Stock trading strategies.

For Stock investing or Day trading you need to keep eye on strong Support | resistance

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Daily stock market support | resistance | trend forecast - Opening Bell,Index,ETF,stock trading,day trading, penny stocks,stock research,401k

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Daily stock market support | resistance | trend forecast - Opening Bell,Index,ETF,stock trading,day trading, penny stocks,stock research
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