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Importance of Media for investment in the market

Importance of Media for investment in the market 
              - free stock trading investing research We need to consider a media in our Stock research that includes the news media, TV media, Internet, Financial institution and many more. For successful Stock investing or even for day trading media you can’t neglect because media play very important roll.

Many times the Stock market reacts negatively with good news and Stock market reacts positive with negative news!!!! Why so? Basically media represent the news the way they want and creating mass psychology and playing with investor erosion, after all emotion is a driving force of a Stock market.
You known's that suddenly negative news becomes positive and positive news becomes negative and Stock market starts to react in reverse trend and you stuck in your Stock trading position or day trade position. That's only due to the media.

The people who are investing with big money, financial institutions, they are controlling the media. The media specks fat guy language and the media is a very important factor for mass hypnotism to change the Stock market, psychology after all it's a people’s psychology who is working in the Stock market.

What are financial institutions doing? First they accumulate a Stock after that they upgrade that Stock and many investor start to run behind that and Stock start to run upward, at particular stage financial institution dump that and after that down grade that Stock, and that start to move down. For smart investment in the Stock market you need to do your own Stock research before to commit any Stock trading or day trading or even for penny Stock investing.

What does it mean for investor? Avoid to run behind upgrade or downgrade blindly/, Before to do any investment do your home work, do proper research of Stock and if there is a enough room to go up or down then it’s a best choice for investing, day trade or even for penny Stock trading. Beaver at strong resistance or support and consider 200 days moving average because financial institutions fund manager following that after all they doing job and you knows what people doing in jobs!!!!! That a reason to consider 200 MA.

And keep eye on strong resistance or support never forget to exit right time that a key for successful investing or day trading.

What happening after financial institution upgrade? The media gives only the positive news. The institution who upgrade a particular Stock they have got good chance to book profit and after booking that profit they down grade, media start negative news and you get struck, lastly you come out with a big loss.

So never follow blindly upgrade or downgrade, do enough Stock research before to do Stock trading, day trading or even penny Stock investing. I am not telling you not to buy that Stock, but if you buy that Stock book profit before the people and media attack.

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