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Know your Weakness

Know your Weakness 
              - free stock trading investing research Everybody got some weakness but the basic difference between successful trader and loser are successful trader knows his weakness and he continuously try to improve his weakness. In majority case loser trader always trade with emotion with a thought of he going to make big money and without controlling trade size, So when Stock market goes against him they immediately loose confidence because of lose size, here emotion comes in picture and finally they cut their position with loss.

So before to trade in Stock market Know your Weakness it's a very important to control your emotional factor.
Key to become successful trader is continuously improvising weakness. I have seen most of the people come under one bracket, emotional factor killing them. You can control your emption factor buy doing technical analysis and deciding stop loss level before to buy or sell not after and limiting your trade size by your risk tolerance and gap between present price level and stop loss point. Some people taking decision in excitement due to some news or some tips or any reason. In excitement they not looking any thing and jumping up with big quantity, guess what? They losing big chunk!!!

Never trade due to excitement

Basically you need to analyze your trading result and find out what you did wrong and write, make a note after some trade analysis check your note and you see’s your mistakes, make a list to check before to trade and follow that strictly, you see’s the difference, keep process continuous, day will come you become great successful trader, your every trade goes your way. Here are list of some common weakness that you need to know and look in yourself to find your weakness and try to avoid or improve.

  • Patience
  • Emotion and Excitements
  • Lack of confidence
  • Believe other persons Tips
  • Run behind crowd
  • Follow the media
  • Follow the free Stock services
  • Didn't decide stop loss before to tread
  • Lack of decision
  • Over Trade size
  • Delay action
  • Expect that not possible

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