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Know When to enter & when to exit

Know When to enter & when to exit 
              - free stock trading investing research Actually for beginner it is very danger to invest when Stock market is too much volatile and directionless. Once trend become clear you can invest. For the long term investment any time is a right time, only important thing is identify right sector and right Stock for investment. Defensive Stock Performing good in the down trend Stock market. Before to invest in Stock market it’s a best idea to learn basic and after that start to invest

Basically there are no standers indicators that can tell us buy or sell clearly. But that give you indication about market situation,
using two or three technical indicator you can identify easily. Generally moving average tells you about market major trend, combination with some other technical indicator you can easily identify entry and exit point.

For entry or exit breakout is a nice play. Breakout means Stock price goes above two or more picks whose value is very close. In other words demand exceeded then supply, so that satisfy supply and demand low.

Other good entry or exit strategy is some chart pattern like Cup with Handle, Head and Shoulders, Triangle, Flag etc for more detail visit Stock trading with chart pattern page. These all are proven and still it giving batter result then other technical indicators.

Any situation that has a negative impact on the longer term picture of earnings or earnings growth can quickly turn a Stock into a loser.

  • Lower sales.
  • New tax difficulties being encountered.
  • New legal problem.
  • Bear market.
  • Any other situations that can affect earnings.
To learn when to enter and when to exit visit our learning center.

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Know When to enter & when to exit

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