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How to find out resistance and Support

How to find out resistance and Support 
              - Free invest game invest There are many theories to find out resistance and supports. Moving average are the most common to know support | resistance and even trend of the Stock or Stock market. For successful Stock trading, day trading or Stock investing, before to trade any Stock, ETF or option it is necessary to know support and resistance of particular instruments. In most of the case 20 MA, 50 MA, 100 MA, 200 MA works good as a supports and resistance
but in modern times we are not able to consider as a strong resistance or supports because it's a very old theory and many people follows that then it's not suites in our physiological structure.

Nearest picks acts as a support and resistance. Nearest lower pick offer good support and nearest high pick offer a good resistance. In the case of 20MA, 50MA or 200MA closer to nearest pick you can consider that as a buying or short selling opportunity.

Fibonacci number works well, many more theories are there but it's difficult to explain here.

You can find in our week ahead report long term supports and resistance and for day trading you can find support and resistance for NASDAQ in our Before the bell page. I suggest to you for resistance and support our premium services are the best solution. You can find resistance and supports with guide line as what to do? Just try, we offer you unconditional 15 day's money back guarantees.

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How to find out resistance and Support
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