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Importance of Technical analysis

Importance of Technical analysis 
              - Free invest game invest Technical analysis is a very important to know Stock market trend, breath, strength of trend same apply for individual Stock also. To make a big money in Stock market it is necessary to know Stock market trend and strength of the trend. For any Stock, ETF or penny Stocks before to trade if you know the trend and strength that make a really big difference in your trading approach.

Technical indicators reflect the inside mirror image of Stock market | Stocks.
After doing good study of technical indicators you can easily identify Stock market trend, trend reversal, and major top or major bottom. Technical analysis is just like weather forecast. When you today there is more chance for rain then before to go out from your house you prepare for rain. Same way technical analysis gives that guide for Stock trading, day trading or long term investment.

There are many different approaches to do technical analysis; you can combine that with insider data, News, Media review, upgrade down grade, recommendation, company events to get best result.

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Importance of Technical analysis


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Importance of Technical analysis - Day trading penny stock trading stock investing
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