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How to find out Time Frame for Stock trading

How to find out Time Frame for Stock trading 
              - Free invest game invest Why time frame is important in investing?
All of technical analysis for Stock or Stock market indexes widely depends on time frame, different time frame gives you different result, like daily chart technical indicator give you buy signal and hourly chart technical indicator give you sell signal. Then it’s a very important to know which signal you have to follow.

Time frame is one of the important factors because your investment return depends on time frame too,
means you investing for long time or for few days or week or for day trading. How to find out Time Frame? In technical analysis it's a big question which time frame to use for day trading?

If you consider all technical indicators for daily bases it gives you short / intermediate trend. If you take weekly or monthly time frame for your technical analysis it gives you long term view. If you consider hourly / 15 minutes / 5 minutes time frame for your technical analysis it gives you day trading view.

If you not follow right time frame and you jump up what happened? Suppose you looking weekly chart and you seen buy signal and you jump up for day trading what happened? Like this case, that cost you!!! Proper technical analysis is very important in the Stock market investment. Stay very careful with your technical analysis, otherwise for your every mistake you have to pay!!! Stay alert and avoid costly mistakes. Time frame is a very important factor for long term Stock trading, day trading or penny Stock investing

Instead of making costly mistakes it’s a batter idea to spend little money for second opinion. There are many market analysts whose service is very cheap compare to any single major loss. Do your own analysis and consider some services just for second opinion only that way you avoid your real costly mistakes. Particularly when you want to invest in penny Stock I suggest you to go with some expert service provider because penny investment is not only depend on technical analysis.

Long term investor need to consider weekly signal to find out market trend and follow daily signal for entry or exit from position. Swing Trader need to consider daily chart signal to find out trend and for entry and exit can consider shorter time frame signal. Day trader needs to consider shorter time frame.

You can follow Weekly chart signal of INDEX for your 401k smart investing to get highest return. Same time frame principle you can apply for any Stock including penny Stock, ETF or INDEX for high return with lowest risk investment. Remember don’t forget to adjust your chart time frame as per your trading or investing option.

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