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Right Time exit

Right Time exit 
              - Free invest game invest Without exit strategy your trading system is not successful. To make 100 % successful Stock trading or even day trading you need a exit strategy. Because market not moving only in one direction, so as trend change opposite to your position, you need to book profit or loss or you can switch your position. Profit booking at particular level is very necessary to protect your gain and reduce risk.

If you not book profit then there is 100% chance that your profitable trade converts in loser trade & you can loose money instead of make money. This happening with many traders many times that don’t have proper exit plan.
Many times our trade goes wrong way, after we buy some Stock, and market suddenly change trend, in that case if you have some exit strategy you can come out with little loss otherwise you can loss more or all invested money. My basic principal is As long as you stay in the market you can recover your loss, so to stay in the Stock market you need to cut loss and for that you need exit strategy.

Here are some points that you need to cover in your exit strategies.
  • Related News
  • Major government policy change
  • Negative divergence in your favorite technical indicator
  • Lover low and lover high pattern in force
  • Breakout of double bottom, triangle, head and shoulder chart pattern
  • Institution selling
  • Insider selling
  • Company comes under financial difficulties
  • Stop loss
  • Heating resistance or supply zone
  • Picks
  • Heating 200 Days MA, 100 Days MA resistance
  • Gap fills up
Considering above factor you can fixed up your exit strategies before to trade not after, that make you successful trader. Above same fundamental applies for day trading and also for penny Stock investing.

Exit strategy depends on your trading style, for swing trading you need to consider different criteria then day trading or long term investment.

For day trade you need to consider smaller time frame preferably 10 minutes for your technical analysis to get buy or sell signal.

I prefer hourly charts but time frame is different for different people and technical indicator too. For day trading exit and entry strategy news are very important and support and resistance also have lot important, because once market clear resistance or support it goes up to next resistance or support.

Exit strategy mean book profit or loss at predefined stage or condition. Develop exit strategy suitable to your trading criteria and stick with that. If it fails, analyze it and make appropriate change, keep this continuous and you sees the result, how fast your bank balance started to grow. In the Stock market investment or trading even in day trading to protect your money exit strategy is very necessary that can make you successful trader. Especially when you invest in penny Stock without plan you can loose money. You can use our Stock market forecast for your day trading or Stock trading to know support and resistance of index. We also forecast Stocks and penny Stocks for investing.

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