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Influence of News and Technical indictors

Influence of News and Technical indictors 
              - Free invest game invest Stock market main driving force is news. Stock price widely affect by related news you need to analyze news not only related to company but many time there are indirect connection.

Perfect news analysis make day trader successful. Some news reflect straight implication of company earning in that case majority time Stock price jumps up or down crazy because everybody understand that in a moment and investor | day trader immediately jumping to take a position long or short related to news.
Many time there are indirect connection with company earning like suppose there are a news about some company whose employees goes in strike for uncertain time in that case particular company Stock price goes down but like this situation you need to search for their supplier they also going to affect and in reality that’s a good play for day trading.

Stock market widely influence by news related to company who are industry leader, economy related news, government policy change, company news, earning result, war, etc. News is a good play for day trade or even for Stock investing. News is a reality things all ready happened so for successful day trading you need to learn news analysis that you can’t neglect. News analysis make you successful day trader | investor

Technical indictors

Main purpose to use technical indicator to identify participant psychology, using technical indicator you can find out which way majority investor want to go. Many time you see’s there are real good news but Stock market not reacting batter way in positive direction because of investor psychology, so with news you need to use technical indicator to know investor mood, which way majority want to go!!! Many time technical indicator indicating entry time and there are real bad news, that can pull hole market down, so best idea is combination of both that can bust your profit margin also.

Combination of news analysis and technical analysis is a necessity to become successful day trader or Stock investing | trading. If you follow one of them there is 100% chance you stuck in wrong direction then existing trend and you loose money.

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