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Sell the losers and let the winners Stock run

Sell the losers and let the winners Stock run 
               - invest Before to start any investment or Stock trading you need to find out particular share are looser or winner and again time to time you need to evaluate your portfolio.
How to identify Stock is looser or winner?
With compare to Stock market if share price not loosing more then it's normal Stock market fluctuation, and if it loosing more, then we need to evaluate that Stock again. If the cause are serious and has more long-term implication then it's a time to take the loss and move on. Some long-terms implications are:

  • Company reported lower sales
  • New tax difficulties being arise due to government policy change
  • New legal problems
  • Bear market
  • Any other costly situations.
Any situation that has a negative impact on the longer term picture of earnings or earnings growth can turn a Stock into a loser. Winners are Stocks showing consistent income growth and earnings growth.

The share stay winner up to the time it's product or services stay winner in the market, the day it loose ground share turn into looser and that a our picks for short sell for Stock trading. Winners should be held winner until the fundaments stay intact or until the price jump too much then the earnings. Losers that are taking money from the investor so it should be sold and forgot. This a very important to protect your capital and gain on investment or Stock trading. retirement planing

Check above chart, that indicating study income and earning growth. In this chart you can see quarter to quarter study growth. Stock who's income growth and earning growth are in increasing order that share always stay winner and that's our Stock picks for investment or Stock trading. In above chats you sees that in last two quarter income and earning growth little down or near to pick that indicating its a time to book profit because it indicating income and earning loosing the ground. Once income growth and earning growth start negative move share price can start to loose quickly and turn into looser, in this situation you can use it for short sell in Stock trading.

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