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Peak Plays

Peak  Plays - 
               stock investing This is a one of my favorite technique for Stock trading in the Stock market.

Some of the plays are short term plays only, but Peak Plays require that you take quick decision and move very quickly getting in and out. You can plays with peaks itself or the pullback. This is a little more risky strategy but it gives a good reword on investing, only things

important is keep tight stop loss. Possible Reasons for Peaks:
  • Earnings reports or forecasts change
  • Upgrades by broker or financial institution
  • Merger and merger speculation
  • Splits
  • Rumor
If you are quick enough to take right decision and if there are still enough pressure built up | buying interest then you can ride on the run up.
Potential Entry points
If you believe a peak can be sustained for your quick Stock play, consider trying to get in at the open, or you can buy in pullback.
Potential Exit points
With the continuation Peak Play you should consider getting in and out the same day - sometimes within an hour. Historical probabilities show Stocks may start topping and maybe even pulling back soon

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