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Sell the losers and let the winners run

Sell the losers and let the winners run - 
               stock investing How to identify Stock is loser or winner?
With compare to market fluctuation if Stock loosing more then its normal fluctuation then we need to evaluate that Stock again. If the recent news has more long-term implication then it's a time to take the loss and picks another Stock for day trading or Stock investing. Here some long-terms implications :
  • Company reported lower sales
  • New tax difficulties being arise due to government policy change
  • New legal problems
  • Any other costly situations which effect earnings.

Any situation that has a negative effect on the longer term picture of earnings or growth can turn a Stock into a loser. Winners are Stocks showing consistent income growth and earnings growth, and company development new or existing markets with new products or service. For successful Stock trading system to make money on your investment you need to consider to average up for winner in your portfolio and also you can consider that Stock for day trading.

The Stock stay winner up to the time it's product stay winner in the market, the day it loose ground, Stock turn into looser. Winners should be held until the fundaments which make them winners stay growing or until the price jump too much then the earnings. If the growth of earnings does not increase with the Stock price, that can easily turn into a loser. Losers Stock should be sold and forgot until they stabilize and begin to build the fundamental strength to become winners. For successful Stock trading system to make money on your picks you need to consider to sell loser form your portfolio and also you need to avoid that from day trading in the Stock market.

Check above chart, that indicating study income growth and earning growth quarter to quarter and again year to year study growth. A company who's income and earning growth study that always stay winner. In above chats you sees that in last two quarter income and earning growth little down or near to pick that indicating its a time to book profit because it's fundamental like income and earning loosing the ground. Once income and growth start negative move, Stock price can start to loose quickly and turn into looser. In this case for trade you can go short.

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