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Technical approach

  • How to work with technical indicators
  • Did you know Technical indictors move behind price
  • How to react at  resistance or supports
  • How to find out resistances and supports
  • Importance of technical indicators
  • How to find out time frame
  • Work with stock market trend
  • Right  time entry  & Right time exit

Technical Stock market behavior

We are discussing all importance factors of stock market Technical behavior that connected with our psychology.

Technical Indicators

Technical analysis is a very important factor to know the stock market trend that includes long term, short term or day trade. Technical indicators reflect the inside mirror image of stock market. | Stocks.

In our "Learn Technical indicators " section you can learn how to make charts of technical indicators and how to interpret. After doing good study of technical indicators you can easily identify stock market trend, trend reversal, and major top or major bottom. In our premium services after considering all important technical indicators, psychological factors, insider buying, institution buying we recommend stocks to buy or sell. And after long research we develop unique theory to find out resistance and supports for stocks and indexes. It's a proven theory we got 100% result.

Technical Indicators moves behind price

It's absolutely true that technical indicators move behind price but that leaves one image that image tell us many things. One only needs to know that image and interpret that image. You can learn how to interpret particular image in our "Learn Technical Indicators " section.

How to react at resistance and Supports

A)  resistance
Yes its stock market nature that if the stock market breaks one resistance (Goes above resistance) it absolutely goes at the next resistance. In many case the stock market not breaks resistance at first try, its takes two or three tries. In most of the case after going at resistance it retest its supports. Then what to do? My suggestion is always book profit at resistance and if stock market breaks that resistance enter again and wait for next resistance with stop loss of broken resistance.

You can buy at support also but you need to take more care because if stock market breaks that support it goes at next supports. At the support if the market bounces back then it’s a right entry time, here you can enter with stop loss of that support.
B)  Supports
Its works the same as resistance only things goes in reverse. You can short sell any stock after breaking supports because its stock market nature that it goes up to next supports.

How to find out resistance and Supports

There are many theories to find out resistance and supports. In most of the case 20MA, 50MA, 100MA, 200MA works good as a supports and resistance But in modern times we are not able to consider as a strong resistance or supports because it's a very old theory and many people follows that then it's not suites in our physiological structure. Fibonacci number works well, many more theories are there but it's difficult to explain here. I suggest to you for resistance and support our premium services are the best solution. You can find resistance and supports with guide line as what to do? Just try, we offer you unconditional 15 day's money back guarantees. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Work with stock market trend

I suggest you never fight with stock market trend (Direction).Its important to find out the major market trend. You can do yourself after learning technical indicators analysis. We offer here totally free to learn technical indicators and make your own charts to find out stock market trend and momentum. If you don't have time to learn technical indicators and make charts we offer you ready made solution of investment.

How to find out time frame

Time frame is also one important factor because your investment return depends on time frame also. If you consider all technical indicators for daily bases it gives you short | intermediate trend. If you take weekly or monthly time frame for your technical analysis it gives you long term view. If you consider hourly | 15 minutes | 5 minutes time frame for your technical analysis it gives you day trading view.



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