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Psychological  approach

  • Media
  • Psychological behavior of stock market
  • Important  factors  to consider
  • Know your weakness
  • How to improve your weakness
  • Success strategy
  • How to convert loss tread  in profitable tread
  • How to decide tread size
  • Importance of second opinion
  • Know When to enter & when to exit
  • How work against  psychology

Technical  approach

  • How to work with technical indicators
  • Did you know Technical indictors moves behind price
  • How to react at  resistance or supports
  • How to find out resistances and supports
  • Importance of technical analysis
  • How to find out time frame
  • Work with stock market trend
  • Right  time entry  & Right time exit
  • Stocks for Day Trade With resistance Supports
  • Retirements Guide
  • 401K  Fund Selection &Email Alerts To Transfer 

Psychological  Stock market  behavior

We discuss all important  aspects of stock market psychological  behavior that is connected with our psychology.


We have to consider a media that includes the news media, TV media, Internet, Financial institution and many more. I have seen many time the stock market reacts negatively with good news and stock market reacts positive with negative news!!!! Why so?

I found only the reason is psychology. You know suddenly that negative news becomes positive and positive news becomes negative and stock market starts to react in reverse. That's only due to the media. The people who are investing with big money, financial institutions, they are controlling the media. The media specks their language and the media is a very important factor for mass hypnotism to changes in the stock market, psychology after all it's a people’s psychology who is working in the stock market. The financial institutions they upgrade some stock and that start to run upward and institutions down grade some stock that start’s to fall down. What does it mean? First, financial institution invest big money in a particular stock and then after they upgrade that stock and we all start to run behind that stock and we forget to take the right time to exit and the media gives only the positive news. The institution who upgrade that stock they have got good chance to book profit and after booking that profit they down grade, media start negative news and you get struck, lastly you come out with a big loss. I am not telling you not to buy that stock, but if you buy that stock book profit before the people and media attack.

Psychological behavior of stock market

Stock market every day moves with some fixed patent, we need to identify that patent and follow that patent. The stock market moves in five cycle that's contains three major cycle in the same as market major trend and the two cycles go in opposite to stock market major trend. Only it's important to find out the stock market major trend.

Important factors to consider

A)  Confidence
When you are buying any stock, with great confidence and after buying you suddenly see the market change its trend and that stock start to come down or move very little and you start to lose confidence and you book loss. This is the common practice for all small investors, day traders. Here you need to consider stop loss, before you buy any stock you need to decide your stop loss. The stock market is very uncertain and if you want to stay long in this market stop loss is a very important factor.

B)  Thought
In the above instance you make that trade due to your thought, but if you are not good in technical analysis you are just guessing or you are following somebody's tips. That's the reason you are losing your confidence. I suggest to you before you loose any money in stock market you always take second opinion of some technical experts. In our premium services plan you finds how cheap it is in comparison of any loss. Our services boost your confidence with great profit. We suggest stocks after deep technical analysis as well as we check fundamentals and also we co-relate with the stock market trend.

C) Action   
It's another important factor to book profit or loss. It's very important because if you lose the chance, you do not take appropriate action then your profitable trade converts into loss.

Know your weakness

I have seen most of the people comes under one brakeet
  • Patience
  • Emotion and Excitements
  • Lack of confidence
  • Believe other persons Tips
  • Run behind crowd
  • Follow the media
  • Follow the free stock services
  • Didn't decide stop loss before to tread
  • Lack of decision
  • Over Trade size
  • Delay action
  • Expect that not possible

Improve  your  weakness

We have all ready discussed about confidence, media, stop loss and action. I suggest you try our premium service and see how your weakness goes away, because we give you the stock list with stop loss and short tern target and long term target price. Our other topics we cover in other sections.


If you lose patience there is a 100 % chance that you entered at the wrong spot. I suggest to you any time that you feel that you are near to missing a great opportunity, don't do anything, because this is the physiological turning point. Just stay away and watch for the right entry point.

Emotion and Excitements

To control your emotions it is very necessary to keep your trade size limited. If you buy in large quantity and the stock market moves as per it's nature your confidence start to lose and lastly one emotional stage arrives where you come out and immediately the stock market changes its trend and that stock moves up and up and up without you and you feel real bad, like why ? Why? Why I come out? And it’s really made you made. So the important part is to limit your trade size because you have to stay long in the stock market, you are not working in stock market for a day/week or month. If your goal is to make big money in the stock market then you need to stay long. Don't lose any opportunity under Emotion and Excitements. You can open a money source with good technical analysis and controlling all weakness.

Other factors we discuss in the next lesson.


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