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Breakout Penny stock alert : Blockbuster Inc (BBI)
Patel (1/18/2010 12:00:00 AM)

Blockbuster Inc (BBI) is a leading global provider of rental and retail movies and games. This penny stock company (BBI) provides customers with convenient access to media entertainment anywhere, any way they want it - whether in-store, by-mail, through vending kiosks or digitally downloaded directly to their family room or mobile device.

Blockbuster Inc (BBI) have library of more than 125,000 movies and games. Blockbuster Inc (BBI) recently announced that it has eliminated the final $24 million of certain letters of credit it maintained on behalf of its former parent company, Viacom Inc and this stapes naturally increase the liquidity of cash, again Blockbuster Inc (BBI) raised $675 million on our bond offering to extend our debt maturities into 2014

As per technical analysis of this penny stock ADX and Stochastic given a buy signal and it Started up trend with RSI positive divergence and recently it breakout with very high volume. Recent company’s action also supporting our positive view, so Blockbuster Inc (BBI) you can consider for breakout penny stock portfolio, and you can enter near $0.76 with $0.60 stop loss. This stock trading with high volume so you can consider for penny stock day trading also.

DM crossover and raising ADX with stochastic buy signal and breakout with high volume and sustain breakout point on following day is a ideal condition to buy stock and in this penny stock you found all this factors, still keep stop loss because penny stock when turn negative we never know, so protect your investment stop loss is important.

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