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What is Day Trading?

What is Day Trading? - 
               stock investing To trade normal fluctuation of the Stock market for a day with a special technique is a Day trading, means it’s a technique of getting into a Stock market and getting out before the trend ends. Day traders buying any financial instrument only for a day, they not keep any position open for another day.

This looks very simple and profitable with little time but this is not that much simple to execute, especially in volatile market its very difficult to catch Stock market short term fluctuation trend. Active traders reduce the risk on investment by

exiting all trades before the end of day session, because, post-market news, pre-market news and events and its reaction to Stock market is often unpredictable. Day traders enter very fast in the Stock market and exit also very fast throughout the day with expectation of their Stocks or other financial instruments price will continue climbing or falling, allowing them to lock the quick profits using standard trading strategy.

With batter understanding of Stock market trend you can make good money with little risk. The Day trading is a valuable piece of the trading system. It allows you to easily make money with Stock market short term trend. Most of the day trader places plenty of trade in a single day. Additionally, you can extend your day trade with market trend, just like swing trading to create a hefty profit.

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Why many trader loves day trading?

With the day trading you can control your risk reword ratio. In the long term investment basic problem is all the time risk standing on head, because every thing on guessing, like market or Stock going to Perform well but many time lots of company declaring poor result and price driving down like rocket speed and investor stuck with that long time!!! They have only two options, wait long time or book big loss.

On other hand day trader knows their risk so they always keeping tight stop loss and turning around with market trend. If you day trade with reasonable risk tolerance, you can control your risk with batter reword.

It’s a possible day trading is not suitable to all trader | investor and its not recommended technique for inexperience trader, if you not fast enough to take right decision there is 100% chance you loose all of your money.

First learn technical analysis, try with fake money, once you satisfy with your decision making power jump up. It is advisable to consider second opinion of some expert, novice trader need to avoid day trading, without knowing market in depth you are on the high risk, stay away. Still you want consider some expert advise and trade with little quantity and money.

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