Day trading strategy, Stock trading rules for investing in the market
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How to start Day Trading?

How to start Day Trading? - 
               stock investing Many people want to start Day Trading but they don't have idea, about what to do? This article give them direction to start day trading | Stock trading | Stock investing | investment in the market.

Day Trading with better techniques is a good way to make money but before to invest understands your risk, Stock exchange rules and investment basic. To start day trading | swing trading | investment in the market you need to open money market account with

any brokerage firm like TD Ameritrade and deposit money in this account.

As per Stock exchange rules, for day trading you need at lest $25000 value cash or Stock in your account. In case if you don't want to deposit $25000 and you want to do day trading, you can do it, with restriction, you can do maximum 5 trades in a rolling 5 days, with any amount of money.

Once you deposit money, you ready to do day trading | swing trading.

Third step is look for good Stocks that are everyday trading with high volume and reasonably high beta, or you can look for ETF.

Remember, do research before to buy or short sell, not after trade and it's a best practice to get second opinion because you don't know what you missing in your research, but that you can found in second opinion & that services are very chip in compare to loss, so it's a good idea to take second opinion & find out your Stock to trade.

Final step is very important because you need to decide at what price level you going to buy or sell securities and what is your stop loss. Once you decide entry exit and stop loss you ready to make money in the Stock market.

In our premium service we are providing all your needs for investment, day trading, option trading and swing trading with very low price.

What you require to start day trading?

Here is short list:
  • Computer with faster internet connection
  • Real time data
  • live chart
  • Reliable real time news source
  • Brokerage account
  • Knowledge of technical analysis
  • Quick decision power
  • Decide instruments like securities, ETF, option or penny Stock
  • Decide entry point, exit point and stop loss
Novice trader can consider some expert advise because it’s a lot cheaper then you loose lot of money. In beginning don’t go aggressively, go slowly once you understand market you can start aggressively. It’s a best idea to consider second opinion that boosts your confidence; after all it’s a game of confidence.

With day trading you can make fortune but same way there are lots of risks to loose money. You can loose more then you invested, depending upon trading style. In short sell that can happen so be careful to fix your day trading strategies. Particularly more risk involved in penny Stock day trading so picks penny Stock carefully.

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