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What to trade in day trading?

What to trade in day trading? - 
               stock investing Day trading is an art, and every artist has its own technique, theory and instruments!!! But whoever not comes under artist category they have big question, what to trade?

There is wide range of instruments available for day trader; only important is the trend analysis, Whatever instruments trend analysis you fill easy and perfect and you fill confident that you can trade. To trade you can consider Stock, ETF, Forex, commodity, option, ETF option, Index option. Using technical analysis and other software tool we forecasting short term

as well as long term Stock market trend, Visit our Daily Stock market forecast page, you can use that as a reference, and select any Stock | ETF from our list suitable to short term market trend.

For Stock trading it's a very important to know Support and resistance that you can find in our Stock list or ETF list. Considering that finalize your strategy. You can trade ETF, option, Index or securities who are traded every day with high volume with high beta. Keep in mind higher beta means its move faster then other, it means more risk.

You can day trade ETF or share, and if you got high risk tolerance, you can go for ETF option or Index option, because many ETF moving together with Index. You can trade Index base ETF like SPY for S&P 500, IWM for Russell 2000 and DIA for Dow Jones that makes your technical analysis and instrument search job easy. If you want to play Gold you can consider HUI or GLD and for oil you can go for OIH. There are many ETFs that move with sector related Index.

Selection of instrument requires proper attention otherwise there is a chance to loose money. For day trading basic requirement about instrument is need reasonable movements that you can transfer in profitable trade. If you buy some and there is very little movement you stuck, so need reasonable movement in other words high beta. Higher beta instruments moves faster so if you are not fast enough to take decision then select some average beta instrument. Visit to learn more about Stock market instrument

You can even day trade penny Stocks, easy way to picks penny Stock just visit our penny Stock list page there you can found some good up trend penny Stock list. Considering some short term technical analysis you can day trade. I like to picks securities for day trading who got breakout with high volume, because that’s a proven techniques, majority time that give you good return. Remember penny Stock day trading offering high risk. To control your risk keep proper stop loss and keep reasonable trade quantity.

Key to successful day trading is right decision right time with appropriate action.

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