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How many Stock I can buy for day trading?

How many Stock I can buy for day trading? - 
               stock investing At present from Stock market authority or government there are no limitations on your trade quantity means trade size for Stock trading or even day trading.

You have to decide trade size (quantity) and generally it depends on how much money in your account and again your risk tolerance. If you have a margin account then you can by more with margin money (all most double), in this case you need to pay margin charge, and only the problem is you increasing your risk.

Trade size is a very important in your trading because it controls your emotion and that directly connected with risk factor.

Then question is how much is a best quantity to trade? Person to person trade size change, to find that first decide how much you can bare a loss!!!! That way you know your risk factor. Second decide targeted buying price, third find out stop loss for your trade, means at what level you want to exit in case you are in the wrong way. Now difference between buying price and stop loss give you idea about your loss if your decision goes wrong, this the way to find out how much share you can buy with your risk tolerance for day trading or Stock trading.

Stop loss is the best tool for successful day trading or Stock trading but majority of trader avoiding this in over confidence. Same principle apply for penny Stock also. Then conclusion is for successful trading or investing reasonable quantity that you can bar loss, in case if your trade goes wrong. Over quantity killing us so go wisely. Majority of new trader making these mistakes, they want to become reach in a single day and with market normal fluctuation, loosing confidence and finally loosing money.

Yes there is a requirement form SEC if you own more then 10% of particular company's securities, you have to report them within specify time limit.

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