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Is it ok to trade penny Stock in day trading?

Is it ok to trade penny Stock in day trading? - 
               stock investing Day trading is a one type of trading; you can select any share or instrument to trade in the Stock market. In the penny Stock day trading major problem is volume, many time once you own them it’s heard to sell because of low volume. If you select proper way you can make nice money on small investment.

Day trader of penny Stocks should be prepared for the possibility that they may lose whole investment.

In the penny Stock day trade you can trade only one way because majority of broker not allow to short selling any security who are traded under $5.00. Its ok, because after all that protect your money.

Any trader wants to trade as day trading but don’t have enough money to buy high price security then they got this option. micro cap investment is a high risk investment but lover then option day trading. There are many large cap company who comes under penny Stocks category, you can select from them and participate in the market to build your future. Remember in penny Stock trading many times stop loss theory fails due to low volume, so you sitting on high risk trading strategies. Visit our Penny Stock trading strategies page before to start day trading.

Risk: There is a risk where you invest but micro cap are the most risky investment. Many micro cap companies are new and they don’t have any proven track record. Some of micro cap companies have no assets at all and others have products and services that are still in development phase or have yet to be tested in the market. Another risk is the low volumes of trades, majority penny shares trade in low volumes, so any size of trade can have a large percentage impact on the price of the security. Many company involved in pump and dump strategy.

Basically any trader can trade any security in any fashion. You can day trade penny Stock but before to trade understand your risk. If you are quick enough to take right decision and if there are still enough pressure built up | buying interest then you can ride on the run up, and you should consider getting in and out the same day - sometimes within an hour ( Day trading ).

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