Day trading strategy, Stock trading rules for investing in the market
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Day trading rules | Day trading strategies | tips

Day trading rules | Day trading strategies | tips - 
               stock investing Success Strategy for Day Trading - before to start Stock trading, you need to set up your own rules and that you need to follow strictly.

If you follow your Day trading rules | Day trading strategies carefully, your investment going to grow better. For day trading technical indicator and news economic events

play important roles, so you need to consider it. Day trading and investment rules little different, so study carefully.

  • Use moving average (MA) for short time frame to know market direction
  • Use CCI or STO or PPO buy | sell signal for entry or exit in Stock market position.
  • Don't consider all buy | sell signal for entry | exit from Stock market
  • Only the signal consider that are in Stock market trend.
  • Analyze news properly.
  • Before to buy do your research not after.
  • Analyze economic data release.
  • In day trading stop loss is very important so decide stop loss before to buy | sell in Stock market.
  • Before to buy | sell check short term resistance and support if there is enough gap to go up | down.
  • Go long when Stock market | Stock | index come in strong support zone and sell at resistance, and go short when it hit strong resistance zone or broke strong support.
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