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Day trading | Stock trading - time frame for technical analysis

Day trading | Stock trading -  time frame for technical analysis - 
               stock investing Time frame is another important factor for day trading or Stock trading to do technical analysis because your investment return depends on time frame also. Question is what is the best time frame technical analysis is best for day trading?

Different time frame giving different view, If check in daily chart it give buy signal 10 minutes charts give buy signal and 5 minutes charts give you sell signal then which signal to consider for day trading?

General guide line is follow only the signal you got in short term time frame which are in the same direction of longer term trend of the Stock market. If you consider all technical indicators for daily bases it gives you short or intermediate term trend. If you consider weekly or monthly time frame for your technical analysis it gives you long term view for Stock trading.

If you consider hourly | 15 minutes | 5 minutes time frame for your technical analysis it gives you day trading view. Then best idea is go with daily or hourly trend and consider buy or sell signal in 15 minutes | 5 minutes time frame means shorter time base. Time frame change person to person because everybody doing technical analysis different way with different bias and view angle. So change different time frame check result and find out which one working good for you

For day trading you need to use smaller time frame, try different time frame and check which time giving best result, because for different Stock | ETF | index different time frame giving good result in technical analysis.

Every Stock or ETF gives good result in technical analysis with different time frame so we can’t consider same time frame for all. You can find out best time frame doing back testing.

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