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Which technical indicator to use for day trading | Stock trading?

Which technical indicator to use for day trading | Stock trading? - 
               stock investing There is nothing like magical key!!! All technical indicator working good if we interpret and use them right way. Majority people avoiding moving average but to know market trend it’s a real valuable indicator.

Technical indicators help us to find out market present trend and future trend direction. For successful trading practice we need to follow some technical indicator. Here question is which technical indicator giving best result to make profitable trade in the Stock market.

Moving averages help to identify the trend and strength of existing trends and can help determine when a trend change has taken place. Day trader need to use shorter time frame moving averages for Stock trading in the Stock market.

The MACD lines are moving averages, one faster than the other. When one line crosses the other, it can represent the earliest indication of a possible change in trend. The most popular moving averages are the 10-day and 50-day averages. Upward moving average’s acting as a support in down trend or market correction phase and downward moving average offering resistance in down trend. You can use moving average as a support or resistance.

All indicators derived after long study, any indicator if you use write way it work good for you. I like to use CCI, STO, and PPO with moving average. Just consider moving average as master to know market direction and other indicator for entry or exit for day trading or Stock trading in Stock market. For more information about How to use technical indicators for Day Trading visit this page.

Different instruments giving different result with same indicator so try different indicator with different time frame in back testing and find out which technical indicator working good for particular instrument. Then conclusion is any technical indicator works best if we use it proper way.

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